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We are a disciple-making movement (DMM). We meet in house churches and community gatherings.
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Did you know? God is real and personally interested in you. He has had many encounters in your life. Discover how you can meet God and start a new life as a child.


We are Church

If someone asked you, “Describe the Church and just use the Bible.” What would you answer? In the Bible we read of an unstoppable movement, a wonderful love and a passion and willingness of the first Church to suffer. It was a deep dependence on the Holy Spirit. God revealed Himself through signs and wonders. Every day, people turned around, took buses and were bled. We believe not only that this is possible today, but that God is pledting us to do so.


We love to discover the assurances of God. We have had a lot of tremendous experiences. God is simply great. In the following books we give you an insight into individual areas. The books are very practical. Have fun reading.


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We will gladly take time for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask your questions.