We are a disciple-maker-movement (DMM)

The JESUS CENTER is a community that acts as a disciple-maker movement (DMM). As a church, we empower people to follow Jesus and bring out disciples ourselves. A central part of all activities is discipleship, mentoring and community.


We accompany Christians in the form of 1:1 mentoring and help them to develop and grow.


We meet in house communities and every two weeks in the community and live community.


We send apostolic teams to regions and other countries. We support and start new movements.

What we believe

We are committed to the faith base of the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) and live our faith as a church evangelical-charismatic.


Pascal works as a leader and pastor for the JESUS CENTER. He is appreciated for proclaiming biblical truths clearly and passionately in his ministry as an apostle and preacher. Pascal is married to Michele. They are parents of four children and passionate disciples of Jesus. They love to discover and pass on God’s vows. Michele is an evangelist through and through, and is keen to proclaim the Gospel.